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Roam a fantasy world full of deceptively cute but fierce monsters, as you embark on quests; connect with the millions of other players, and progress through this popular game packed with features...


MapleStory is a highly popular MMORPG. The 2D side scrolling game was one of the first free-to-play client games on the market and has an impressive player base. With fully customizable characters, a huge selection of items, endless enemies to tackle, as well as mini games, quests and helpful NPCs, MapleStory is loaded with features.

In MapleStory, your avatar is starts out as a characterless novice. As you progress through the game and gain experience points, you character levels up and can evolve into one of many job enhancements. These include the warrior, thief, pirate, bowman and magician. You can customize your avatar with various jewelry, clothes, hair styles, and shoes. Players can have various rewards and honor bestowed upon them for unique feats such as Achieving level 200, Killing 100,000 monsters of any kind, and completing 800 or more quests. On top of this you have the opportunity to earn various other medals and rewards as you gain experience.

Trade, buy and sell stock and rare items with other players using the unique Maple Trading System, and shop at the Maple 7th Day Market, which is open only on Sundays. Using the Maker Skill, you have the ability to craft a number of special items including metal plates, monster crystals, magic powder and gems. In MapleStory there are Growth Items that develop as your character does. Explore over ten different worlds, with your buddy, party or even guild and rise the ranks to fame in MapleStory, the anime download game.

Propose to another character, meet their parents and enjoy the excitement of a wedding party in the unique marriage system. Be a mentor to your very own junior player, and reap endless rewards as you teach the newbie the ways of the MapleStory world.

Attack and defeat the numerous monsters lurking at each level and in every quest - and don’t be deceived by their size and cute appearance. They sure pack a punch!

by Kyle Hayth

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